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SINGING - Voice Training





My approach is to run you through a variety of drills and vocal techniques. I do that because I want to find out how you use your voice, breath and everything else needed for singing and voice tone. But don’t worry because I guide you along.

All you need to do is be open and go with the flow. It is fun and eye-opening on many levels. This lets us both understand how you are using your voice right now to find out what is working for you what is not. That gives you your set-point.


Once we know where you are starting from, your set-point, we get started on bringing out your full voice in a way that is natural and authentic to you.


You will experience your voice in a whole new way and make progress based on YOU being YOU!





PUBLIC SPEAKING - Speak with a Clear Energetic Delivery, Stress Management, Accent Reduction, ADHD

I coach people to achieve more by eliminating hurdles caused by a dis-engaged voice or awkward speaking patterns, stage fright or shyness, or a flat presentation delivery.

Speaking is the most powerful tool of influence available to you at any time. Speaking skills are learned skill.  When this interferes with achieving what you deserve and know you are capable of, it is time to get help.  I am that help!


Step 1 Voice Training:

    • Using Your Voice Properly - Vocal Assessment / Technical Diagnostic: Learn the relationship between breath, the sound of your voice, and projection.  Put information into action as I assess the strengths and weaknesses in your voice, guiding you through a series of simple drills to use your voice in a way that creates greater interest for the listener.
    • Voice Conditioning: Engage your entire voice and correct voice issues such as hoarseness, a nasal sounding voice, a weak-shy sounding voice, or a tight strained voice.  Strengthen your Full Vocal System. Speak with a relaxed yet confident sounding voice.
    • Voice Health Care: Prepare yourself for speaking by following simple and easy to do guidelines (day-to-day care, managing extremes such as a voice that becomes raspy or dry throughout the day, unnecessary coughing, or managing health factors that interfere with the voice such as a lump feeling in the throat, asthma or allergies).

Step 2 Presentation Delivery:

    • Stage Presence: Bring out your style, body language, facial expressions, microphone techniques, and convey genuine enthusiasm to your audience. Convey confidence and present yourself as a vibrant speaker who is an authority in your field. Build trust with your audience and co-workers. Present yourself with credibility.  Build trust with your audience and co-workers
    • Be Consistent: Maintain a vibrant speaking voice and delivery throughout your entire presentation and during one-on-one conversations.  Receive immediate feedback.

Step 3 Stress Management / Stage Fright:

    • Relaxation: Learn stress management techniques.  Stop triggers that cause the fight-or-flight response. What to do when you lose your flow during a presentation causing your voice and breathing to become tense.
    • Energizing: Learn how to re-energize yourself in ways that help keep you calm and focused.


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PRODUCTS - MP3 downloads and eBook

Whether you want to enhance your one-on-one training or prefer to learn at home on your own, I have three great products to pick from!



Vocal Training CD MP3 Download




Break Limitations and Unleash the Artistry Within



3. Move Your Singing to the Next Level

Audio Program Step-by-Step Guide

MP3 Download



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