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Vocal Training CD and eBook

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Option I - Vocal Training CD - MP3 download

Option II - eBook - PDF download:  Radical Singing - Break Limitations and Unleash the Artistry Within

Option III - Audio Training Program mp3 - Home Course


Option I


Vocal Training CD


My “Creating the Sound in You” Vocal Training CD is exactly what you need to get your voice moving and keep you on track.

Included on the CD is warm-up exercises, a track to help you find your specific vocal range, an exercise to combat neck muscle strain and voice tightness, techniques to expand your vocal range and rid you of sounding monotone, increase power and stamina, and improve your ability to smoothly transition between low and high notes seamlessly. Included are piano tracks that are free from background instruction allowing you to use whatever track you prefer with whatever exercise you choose. You will also learn how to better identify problem areas such as using your voice out of your natural range, hit high notes easily, use your voice with warmth and character, step out of your comfort zone by adding vibrato, and much more.

The "information tracks" with must know information alone are worth their weight in gold!

The combination of easy to do exercises and information tracks help you get results and move you to the next level.  It is a must have for anyone wanting to use their voice in an easier and better sounding way.

Creating the Sound in You - CD Content:

Track 1:   Welcome

Track 2:   Instruction Track A

Track 3:   Getting Started Exercise

Track 4:   Voice Building Exercise

Track 5:   Instruction Track B

Track 6:   Resonance/Vibration Exercise

Track 7:   Range Building Exercise

Track 8:   Throat Strain Prevention/Elimination

Track 9:   Breath Strengthening

Track 10: Conclusion

I hope this cd serves you and brings you many hours of enjoyment as your voice responds and moves to its highest level of vocal mastery.


Creating the Sound in You Vocal Training mp3 Electronic Download CD Retail: $35 CAD

CLICK HERE to purchase online (cost includes all applicable taxes and PayPal service fee in cdn$-- listed on your invoice as "Shipping/Handling").

Other forms of payment are cash, cheque, and Interac bank payment or email transfer.



Option II - eBook

This e-book is the perfect option for anyone wanting to understand more about their singing voice.



Break Limitations and Unleash the Artistry Within


Radical Singing eBook Content:

Introduction – Radical Singing

Chapter 1:   My Musical Journey

Chapter 2:   The Leading Edge Advantage

Chapter 3:   Vocal Warm-up! Really?

Chapter 4:   Singing from the Diaphragm

Chapter 5:   Pitch / Notes – Singing in Tune With the Song

Chapter 6:   Hitting High Notes – It’s Easier Than You Think

Chapter 7:   Auditions / Casting - A “How To Guide” to Land the Opportunities You Want

Chapter 8:   Turning Dreams Into Reality – Design Plan

· Designing Your Plan - Taking the First Step

· Design Plan Directions

· Design Plan Worksheet


This eBook is packed with information all singers need to know and much more.  It includes myth-busters and current medically proven voice principals making this an eBook you need to add to your book collection.  It’s the straight talk singers look for.  Purchase your copy of the 40 page pdf download eBook today.

Radical Singing E-Book Retail: $12.99 CAD

CLICK HERE to purchase online (cost includes all applicable taxes and PayPal service fee in cdn$-- listed on your invoice as "Shipping/Handling"):


Other forms of payment are cash, cheque, and Interac bank payment or email transfer


Move Your Singing to the Next Level - Audio Program

Step-by-Step Guide

If you have hit a plateau and cannot move past it, this explorative and experiential mp3 audio program is for you!


During this 45 minute program you will workshop 3-Steps.





  • First you’re going to clear the runway and prepare yourself so you can get the most out of this program.
  • Then, we’re going to do 3 very important drills together to set a solid foundation and prepare your voice for more demanding vocal techniques and songs/repertoire. I call this section Artistry in Motion.
  • And finally, we put it all together. Take Action! This is something you can do on your own.

Now remember, we are going to be going through this “together”, “step-by-step” so all you need to do is following along.  Cost: $45.00







“I appreciate having your CD.  Yours is the best one I have ever used.
It is a treasure as I have moved out of the country and I will not be able to take lessons for a while. Thank you so much!”
Rubin Rivera Rodeo
**Rubin was assigned to serve in the military in Iran. I’m honored that my vocal training CD will be there to help him continue to pursue his love of singing.


“Your explanation as to how vibrato is developed is the most logical one I have been given. I need a bit more help. Your CD will do the trick.”
Robert Spadafora, Musician